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Guo Gu, contributor to the “Glimpses of Buddhanature” feature in the Fall 2023 issue of Lion’s Roar’s Buddhadharma, shares the practice of contemplation of hearing, a practice rooted in a method for awakening attributed to the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. This article is from November, 22, 2023. 

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Guo Gu has published several books with the goal of making Chan practice accessible to all.

The Essence of Chan, is an introduction to the theory and practice of Chan as taught by Bodhidharma, the 6th Century first ancestral Chan master. This book is also available as an audiobook.

Passing Through the Gateless Barrier: Koan Practice for Real Life, is an exposition and translation of the forty-eight koans of the timeless Gateless Barrier (collection of stories of awakening).

Silent Illumination: A Chan Buddhist Path to Natural Awakening, offers instructions and translations of the writings of Hongzhi Zhengjue, the 12th century master who so beautifully articulated the practice.


Guo Gu has also edited and translated a number of Master Sheng Yen’s books from Chinese to English.