Karmic Retribution from Zen Marrow Talk III: Bodhidharma’s Two Entrances and Four Practices 2010

  • What is Karma? Guo Guo’s Book The Essence of Chan: Guide to Life and Practice according to the Teaching of Bodhidharma defines Karma as  “The process of Karma consists of causes leading to an effect due to various conditions.

Karma is technically defined which includes actions that we normally think of as unintentional. From a Buddhist perspective, the action is Intended action because what drives it is like and dislike, grasping and rejecting, good and bad—all of which derive from a sense of self-referentiality.” When one’s actions are driven from a sense of I like this and not that, one produces Karmic consequences or Karmic Retribution. Retribution is simply one’s payback or results of one’s actions (Causes and Effects)