Tallahassee Chan Center 

The Tallahassee Chan Center, 501(c)(3), is a sanctuary for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. In 2009, Guo Gu started a meditation group as a way to repay his gratitude to his teacher, Master Sheng Yen (1931-2009). In 2017, he established this new center to further honor and fulfill his teacher’s original vow of spreading Chan Buddhism in the West.

London Chan Meditation

The London Chan Meditation (LCM) is a branch under the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, based in the UK. The aim of LCM is to help practitioners find freedom and peace within themselves through the teachings of the Dharma Drum Lineage of Chan Buddhism. Guo Gu has been the primary teacher of LCM since 2014 and led regular retreats in the UK. He has been connecting to the group via monthly online teaching.

Dharma Relief

Dharma Relief is the first platform that brings together different Buddhist traditions, teachers, and practitioners to support and create sustainable living in North America. Its guiding principles are wisdom and compassion, aiming to bring light to this world of obscurity like a lotus rising out of murky waters. 

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